Fuxicos are flowers, made by hand out of fabric remnants. They often feature beads in their centers to disguise the rough edges, and are sometimes used individually to decorate pillows, or sewn together to create quilts. The word comes from the Portuguese word fuxicar (to gossip), and making them is a craft tradition kept alive by people who gather together and share their lives with each other as they work.

about the project


What is a fuxico?

The practice of making fuxicos (foo-SHEEH-kohs) comes from the Northeast of Brazil, but you have probably seen them before. These fabric flowers are used to embellish everyday items like blankets, pillow cases, and pot holders, but have also appeared on fashion runways. Also known as suffolk puffs or fabric yo-yos, fuxicos are simple to make and add a charmingly handmade touch wherever they are used.

What is The FUXICO Project?

The FUXICO Project is an ongoing social practice project spearheaded by artist Davi Leventhal and curator Anna Pillow. The project began as an idea for a collaborative exhibition with Leventhal's long-time friend and fellow artist Julia Equi, and has grown from to include the original exhibition, site-specific installations, and an ongoing series of public workshops. 

The goal of the project is to engage and enliven communities while sharing the fuxico tradition with the world. For us, each fuxico made through the project represents a connection made and a community strengthened.

fuxico workshops

Learn to make fuxico, engage with fellow participants, and create connections within your community!

You don't need to bring anything to participate in the workshop, and unless otherwise noted, workshops are free

Donations of fabric scraps are always welcome but never required. Waste not, want not.

During the workshop, participants will learn to make a simple fuxico. Once this basic technique has been taught to the group, participants are encouraged to share stories and connect with each other.

Send an email to, providing details about your space, group, or organization, plus any other information you think might help us put together a good workshop.  We'll work with you to make sure the workshop is a success for your community. 


previous workshops

Need inspiration? Check out our gallery of photos from previous workshops!

project archive

July 1 - September 31, 2019

QCA ArtPort Residency at LaGuardia Airport

From July 1 through Septebmer 30, 2019, Davi Leventhal will work within the Marine Air Terminal (Terminal 1) at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY. During the residency, Davi will create fuxicos with the goal of filling the entire space with these colorful, flowerlike objects. He will invite visitors to the studio space to learn this simple technique and create fuxicos with him. Davi aims to have the crafting process foster conversation between himself and visitors while working on this social art project.

Click here to learn more about the residency.

The QCA ArtPort Residency is a program of the Queens Council on the Arts, Queens Arts Fund, that is supported in part by the NYC DCLA, Greater NY Arts Development Fund, in partnership with the NYC Council and in partnership with PANYNJ.

February 9 - March 3, 2019

FUXICO at Plaxall Gallery

Featuring single-channel videos documenting the artists’ visits with five women in Rio de Janeiro, a series of photographs by Julia Equi, and painted portraits by Davi Leventhal, the exhibition at Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City was the public debut of the Fuxico Project.

Cllck here to learn more about the exhibition.


Research and collaboration

In 2016, Davi Leventhal began collaborating with fellow artist Julia Equi and curator Anna Pillow. Inspired by the story of Davi's childhood nanny, Marinete, Julia's documentation of day-to-day life in Rio de Janeiro, and their family histories, the artists worked together to create artworks that investigate the craft tradition known as fuxico. In addition to Marinete, the duo reached out through their personal networks to find and interview four women from the Northeast of Brazil who engage in the craft and lived in Rio's favelas at the time.


Julia Equi


Davi Leventhal


Anna Pillow




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